Gorgeous gift ideas for guys

Here at Blu Salt, we'll be the first to admit that our design ethos of combining luxury and utility was inspired by some amazing work being done in the men's carry space. To that end, and considering that the Valentine gift-giving season is around the corner (warm up your credit cards, ladies), we have put together a list, in our humble opinion, of the best designers of men's carry products.

Top 5 Designers of Men's carry products

For the Designer: Hard Graft

Hard Graft, founded in 2007 in Austria, has a clean, starkly utilitarian aesthetic. Working exclusively with leather and wool felt, the products are assembled by Italian artisans and are creatively functional. A brand that would be much appreciated by the design aficionado in your life.

For the Minimalist: Dash Wallet

Having had a massive Kickstarter hit with the Dash 1.0 wallet, product designer Steven Elliot has further refined his minimalist wallet with Dash 2.0. A smart blend of leather and elastic, the wallet's well thought-out design also has a handy quick-draw slot to quickly access the most used cards. The Dash wallet is the very antithesis of the George Costanza wallet and is a winning solution for the elastic-band-for-a-wallet minimalist (or a sleekly packaged life lesson in simplification for the George in your life).

For the Traveler: Bellroy

Based in Australia, Bellroy has grown into a well-respected men's carry brand in a few short years by keeping a razor sharp focus on their mission: to design sleeker, more functional carry products for men. One of our personal favourites is their Travel Wallet, which has been designed for the international traveler - with room for a SIM chip, 2 currencies and a passport. Throw in the miniature pen that lets us fill in customs paperwork on a cramped Economy tray table without having through root through our carry-on, and you have us sold! A wonderful gift for your globe-trotter.

For the Environmentalist: NAU

Like Blu Salt, NAU is committed to producing products out of eco-friendly materials and to contribute back to society through philanthropy. Their Billfold wallet is water resistant and made of 100% recycled polyester. A well-designed wallet, a wonderfully eco-friendly product and supporting a worthy cause -- not much more you could ask for out of a gift.

For the Traditionalist: MAKR

No bells and whistles, no "It" styles - MAKR prides itself on hand-sewn pieces made out of leather and little else. Made in the USA, the brand is red-blooded and earthy to its core. Other notable pieces include hand-turned copper tumblers. The brand succeeds in silently screaming "Man of substance".

Before anyone pounces regarding not having a list for women partners on Valentine's Day, can we just say, in our humble opinion, that we didn't think a list was necessary when Blu Salt is the only name you need...