A look behind the veil: A conversation with Blu Salt's CEO

Blu Salt CEO, Rohini Shah, hanging out on the steps of the Bascilica of Santa Croce, Firenze with her son and Sharon Clutch

What is the Blu Salt product?

Blu Salt is a design company focused creating products that blend luxury and functionality. As our first step, we've applied that formula to come up with better designed clutches & wallets for women.

For the better part of the last 200 years, we've seen the rise of present-day luxury brands and their unwavering focus has been on meticulous craftsmanship and elegant beauty. However, till date, no one has paid particular attention to the usability of the products. The products, for the most part, have been made and used (in many cases, rightfully so) as works of art. With Blu Salt, we're talking about "applied luxury", if you will, instead: a product that is luxurious and yet, user-friendly. We want our users to enjoy our product and put it through its paces. There's more where that came from, ladies - don't be shy about wearing out your bag.

Why isn't it just another bag?

We have spent a lot of time maximizing the utility of each of our bags - besides careful consideration to the manufacturing quality, materials, design & usability, we've also put together videos & guides on how to get the most out of your Blu Salt bag. We want you learn how to use them because then you'll see how indispensable these bags really are. 

As a fundamental tenet of our business, we also put significant thought into how we could build an earth-friendly business. We have many more initiatives we're exploring and hope to implement as we grow.

Why you? Why will you succeed?

We will succeed simply because we are not willing to accept anything less. Not to sound flippant, but besides all the wonderful training you get in b-school (we will not debate the relative merits of the MBA degree at this stage, we should have had that discussion prior to spending $120K), nothing teaches you more about business than actual experience. As anyone who's ever started a business will tell you, making mistakes is inevitable. The key to success is to make mistakes small enough that you can recover and learn from them - I think that is a brilliant philosophy to apply to life in general. You realize what risks you're capable of taking. 

I learnt to identify what I am good at doing and being woman enough to admit what I am not good at, in which case, I work like crazy to identify the best people to take on those aspects of the business. At present, I have the best team I can think of working to bring Blu Salt to fruition.

Why should I support Blu Salt?

Blu Salt is a minority woman-run luxury accessory design brand. There's not many out there. But that's not the reason why you should support us (well, you could - we'd love it if you did, but we also think there should be more you get out of Blu Salt).

Support Blu Salt because you love the products we make. Support Blu Salt because you finally found a product that fits your personal style (I can't be the only one who likes black). Support Blu Salt because the brand speaks to you and who you are. 

Support Blu Salt because you find value and meaning in what we do.