Minimalist tips for the Business Pro

How to streamline (a woman's) business travel

Many of us have, at one time or another, had to travel for work. And as you will attest, packing  is quite different as a business traveler vs. a personal / vacation traveler. In my early days in management consulting, I envied the polished ease of the many business travelers who crowded the fast security lanes at O'Hare on early Monday mornings. Several years of business travel later, I bring you tips that I learnt along the way to becoming a more efficient traveler:

1. Do not carry more than a week's worth of clothes - find laundry facilities for anything longer

2. Pack as many versatile one-piece items as you can, particularly dresses that can change with a jacket or accessories

3. Always take layers (even in warm climates) - they come in handy in cold offices or airplane cabins

4. Keep a pair of flats & running shoes to have a break from your heels (as well as no excuse not to work out)

5. Pack a pair of jeans to dress down a twin-set / tailored shirt for a work outing

6. Plan your accessories to add versatility to your wardrobe

7. Roll your clothes up - they take up less room than being folded flat

8. Take as many wrinkle-free options / low-maintenance fabrics as you can

9. Always keep an extra cloth bag laid flat at the bottom of your carry-on - handy to separate soiled clothes from fresh ones

10. Pack your heaviest items like your toiletries bag / shoes against the wheels of your suitcase, but keep your transparent zip-locked toiletries at the top by the handle for  easy access at security

Enjoy your next trip!