Why we chose CORD

After several months of research and evaluation, we recently reached out to Chinmaya Organization for Rural Development (CORD), whose US offices are based in California, to suggest a tie up between our organizations. CORD USA is currently discussing the opportunity with their BOD, and if approved, we will donate 1% of every Blu Salt sale to CORD to support their work in women's skills development programs.

But who exactly is CORD and why did we want to support them?

CORD was established 30 years ago through the Chinmaya Mission. As part of its work, the Mission set up CORD to help the less fortunate among us. However, unlike most other non-profits, CORD was set up with the express purpose

To facilitate integrated, sustainable social help programs in local communities and in the Indian subcontinent through processes of self-empowerment and enrichment.

The key to their approach was the emphasis they placed on helping the communities they worked with attain self-sufficiency. Over the last 30 years, the organization has adopted 300 villages around South Asia and provides skills development, health and comprehensive education programs centered around the fundamental empowerment of women within these communities.

Being under the umbrella of the Chinmaya Mission, CORD is entirely run by volunteers and so every dollar donated, including Blu Salt's future donations, will go towards the work that they do with these communities.

We have had the opportunity to observe CORD's work over the last year, and are excited the get the opportunity to support them. The centrality of women's roles in helping bring about improvement to their local communities is an issue that resonates deeply with us and our customers. 

We look forward to helping CORD with their worthy undertaking.